To Teach Them Love

Saint John Paul II says that youth is a time when people naturally seek out a way to live life (“To Teach Them Love,” CUA Primer, page 42). In a related point, he goes on to say that young people are also searching for beauty in their love.  He says that even if young people give in to weakness and follow flawed models of love, they still desire love that is beautiful and pure. In what ways have you seen that, even when we make mistakes about love, we still have a desire for the best kind of love? Interestingly, Saint John Paul II adds the comment “This is as true of boys as it is of girls.” What do you think about that comment?

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  1. Erica Farrell says:

    I think one flawed mindset and “comment” that people in my generation, including myself have fallen into, is the comment of “goals”. I see it all the time: someone posts something on twitter of a couple getting married or buying their first house or even simply being successful together in their young professional lives. These types of goals are something to desire, but sometimes I also see pictures or tweets of things that should not be goals such as people treating their significant other in a disrespectful way or not valuing their human dignity. And I do not think it is completely wrong to comment “goals” but I think instead of just commenting that, I think we, myself included, need to strive to create our own goals out of our own love and desire for live and love. I like the idea of finding something in someone and finding in desirable to have in one’s own life, but I think it is also important that we strive to find that beauty of love that JPII talks about on our own.

  2. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    I love love LOVE the fact that St. John Paul II addresses love this way. He is basically saying that no matter what has happened in the past or who the person may seem to be, everyone…EVERYONE is looking for a beautiful pure love, and to add to that, they should be seen as such. Also, St. John Paul II does not discriminate against boys or girls, saying one is more inclined to want a pure love than the other. No, he says that this love is wanted by all people, all genders. I LOVE THAT!

    This actually reminds me of a romantic comedy called The Proposal. It’s about this stingy boss woman who does not see marriage as sacred at all and forces her assistant to marry her to save her citizenship. Then, she realizes that she actually loves her assistant and wants to marry him for that “beautiful and pure love” that we’re talking about. Spoiler alert: they do get married and live happily ever after, yay!

    This is just one example of many people’s love lives. In the end and no matter what, we all want to love and be loved as real as it can be. Amen!

  3. Diego Amaya says:

    I agree with the comment that all boys and girl try to find beautiful love. A friend once told me that to truly love someone you have to love them through God. At first I didn’t know what that meant, but I see now that you need to love yourself for someone to start loving you.

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