The Steerage

Today’s focus in our summer reading program is a photograph, “The Steerage” by Alfred Stieglitz (CUA Primer, page 57). Here is a digital image of the version in the primer (If you like, you can select it in order to see it by itself):

The Steerage

There’s a lot going on here, but when you looked at it, what first caught your attention? What other things caught your attention as you looked at it more?

Photo: “The Steerage” by Alfred Stieglitz (1907) [Original file]. Public Domain.


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  1. Jordan Tibbs says:

    What initially caught my attention was the division. In the picture, you can see people above and below a sort of platform. But as you look further you can see a clearer and deeper divide than just space. For instance, there are more people on top than there are on the bottom. The people on the bottom are not as well dressed as those on the top and those on the bottom have it set up like a shanty town with clothes being dried and such. All of which lead me to suspect that this is a ship carrying refugees. Circa WWI maybe. In any case, I find it interesting that two experiences, two perspectives could exist in the same time and place.

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