The Art of Proof

Dr. Brooks Lampe, an alumnus of CUA’s School  of Arts and Sciences and a doctor of English, gives an elegant explanation in the video below of the value of elegant explanations, such as the one by Euclid in yesterday’s reading.

Dr. Lampe mentions that assignments for school might sometimes appear to be of little value because they deal only with a small piece of reality, like Euclid’s proof. However, Dr. Lampe says that such assignments can still be opportunities for creating something of value. Why might this be true?

Photo: “David Prete cleaning off a model in his 3-D printing lab at Catholic University” by Bryan Atchison, used by permission. (Many thanks to Davide Prete of CUA’s School of Architecture and Planning for showing me around his lab.)

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  1. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    Damn, that was a really good video. I felt hypnotized throughout the entire thing. Well done! Haha.

    Everything that was said was extremely insightful, but what stood out to me most was the part about minimalism. Minimalism is such a beautiful way of life, a way of life I’m trying hard to work towards because it highlights the natural and bare beauty in everything. People, for example, are and should be seen as beautiful without makeup, without jewelry, and without money. And this is true physically and spiritually. I, for one, believe that those who flaunt what they have as opposed to try to be something else is way prettier to look at. You can see their natural state of happiness and that they love being themselves–it’s really pretty. Another example is nature. Nature is beautiful when it is clean and organic. It doesn’t need anything but itself to have breathtaking views. It doesn’t need people to make it look beautiful; it just is. Now I know I totally drifted off the topic of proofs and geometry, but I just thought I should share that about minimalism–it’s awesome haha!

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