On Seeing and Journeys

Dr. Nora Heimann is the chair of CUA’s Department of Art and an associate professor of art history in that department. In the video below she discusses yesterday’s primer selection, a photograph by Alfred Stieglitz called “The Steerage.”

By the way, after Dr. Heimann made this video, an exhibit at the Jewish Museum about “The Steerage” revealed that Stieglitz took this photograph in a different context than the one that had long been thought. A link to an article about that exhibit can be found here.

In the video, Dr. Heimann talks about how people’s different experiences shape the way they see the photograph. How did your experiences affect the way that you saw it?

(In addition, Dr. Heimann mentions the National Gallery of Art in DC. You can find a link to its website here.)

Image: Packet Ship Passing Castle Williams, New York Harbor by Thomas Chambers (American, 1808 – 1866 or after), by mid 19th century, oil on canvas. courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington (Open Access image download).

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