On Origins

In the video below, the Dean Very Reverend Father Mark Morozowich, Dean of CUA’s School of Theology and Religious Studies, provides an additional perspective that you can combine with yesterday’s pair of passages about two different kinds of creator.

The creature that Victor Frankenstein made had anger toward him, but as it turns out in the story, he found it extremely difficult to handle that anger. By contrast, Father Morozowich says that God is big enough to handle the anger of the people that he created. What might be helpful about that message?

Photo: “clouds” by Crystal Barnes is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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  1. Erica Farrell says:

    I think it could be considered difficult to understand the idea that God can “handle” our anger. As humans, at least to me personally, I wanted to be able to handle myself and deal with my own mistakes and anger or any emotion. I continue to have this mindset that I need to deal with “it” myself. As hard as it might be to accept the fact that God CAN handle our anger, I think it is even harder to actually LET God handle our anger. It’s hard to give such an earthly emotion to God, at least I know I struggle with doing such. Let go and let God is such an important life mantra to live by and it is extremely easy to say or have in my twitter bio, but it is extremely difficult yet imperative that we all actually live by it.

  2. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    Wow, that’s very reassuring to hear. Questioning God and having doubts about your faith is okay because God is here to help us.

    Now that I’m 18 there are definitely a lot more things to think about when it comes to God. When you’re 7 or 10 years old, you don’t really question who God is or why we are on Earth. No, we just accept those facts and recite them to our religion teachers or priests when they ask us questions. But as we grow older, like we are now, we fall into a place of uncertainty about God and what really makes sense to us. I know I have, for sure. So hearing that it’s okay to not know what to believe or to even question something that was taught to never be questioned is shocking…but also refreshing. It feels better to view things from an open mind and open heart because, with that, our relationship with God grows only stronger. We let go of our prejudice and allow more spiritual insight to enlighten us from where we were before.

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