None More Wondrous

The ancient Greek playwright Sophocles marvels at the distinctive abilities of human beings in today’s passage from his play Antigone, “None More Wondrous” (CUA Primer, page 46–47). How do you think other animals are similar to human beings? How do you think that human beings differ from other animals? What responsibilities do you think that human beings have towards animals?

Photo: “yoke” by Kshitij Dewan is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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  1. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    In the end, all creation is one. In fact, humans are animals scientifically, so we should never fully identify ourselves as apart from animals or all other creation. However, what makes us different from animals is our mind to comprehend and
    things beyond ourselves. We are able to interpret emotions, experiences, and anything else from a liberal arts point of view. We don’t only focus on sex or survival as all creatures do. No, we care about an education, we care about love, we care about life. All of those spiritual things are only embedded in a human.

    However, this does not give us the power to rule over creation as if we are gods. No, with our spiritual characteristics, we are given the wonderful responsibility to care for creation and to give back what we take from creation. I am not a vegan (I like meat too much, ahhh) but I like what vegans stand for. They stand for treating animals with respect. They stand for not abusing such animals only because we want to make money or eat food. They show that it is possible to live a life without disrespecting nature…and they’re a lot healthier too. So, whether or not you’re a vegan, care for all creation because we’re amazing creatures with that kind of responsibility.

  2. Diego Amaya says:

    I feel like humans beings and animals both depend on each other. Animals like dogs and cats both need humans to take care of them. And humans also need love from their pets. So they both need each other in a certain way.

  3. Michelle Daoud says:

    Animals and human were all created to serve God yet in comparison we humans are uniquely special to all of creation, but that does not mean the rest of creation has no value to God. Humans have the unique gift of interpreting ideas, creating things, free will and more. Animals, by nature, main goal is to reproduce and continue their lineage.
    I believe that all animals deserve to be treated with care. Since animals can not communicate in blatant language to abusers, we must stand up for their rights and not overuse or overlook their presence.

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