An Eye for Things Overlooked

Listening to a famous piece of classical music, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, for a college course, I thought something like, “Okay, that’s pretty, and I recognize it.” However, my music appreciation professor, Dr. Michael Rose, later unraveled the piece in class, taking me on an exciting tour of it. Since that time, this piece of music has given me a lifetime of joy, because my teacher enabled me to see a lot of new things about it. Joseph Pieper talks about that kind of ability to see in “An Eye for Things Overlooked” (CUA Primer, pages 17–18). Pieper says that creating art teaches a person to look more closely at things and see new facets of them. Have your ever experienced a way in which creating something helped you see the world more richly?

Photo: “CUA Celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year” (#12) by Ed Pfueller.

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  1. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    Mindfulness. It’s the hip thing all the cool kids are talking about these days. Mindfulness is essentially being fully aware of the present moment, nothing else. And I think Joseph Pieper really captures this idea in “An Eye for Things Overlooked.”

    Between you and me, I honestly have the attention span of a hamster. I’m always paying attention to different things all at the same time and typically multitasking too. Because of this, I tend to overlook how beautiful the things around me truly are. I could be paying attention to a bee buzzing by (but I may also be running away) while also watching some kids play in the park and at the same talking to a good friend. All are wonderful activities, but when you’re not giving yourself entirely to them and rather designating yourself to each activity, you can easily lose sight of how wonderful they are. I certainly did.

    However, this summer I paid a lot of attention to the things around me and really got into mindfulness meditation. I’m currently reading “Search Inside Yourself” to teach me how to better this skill, and so far, I couldn’t be any more excited and wonderstruck with everything. Everything is awesome! It’s so easy to get lost in our day-to-day plans or school work, but by just giving two minutes to breathe and be in sync with your body, you can experience so much.

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