A Student of Love

Mr. Neil Sloan, a doctoral candidate in CUA’s School of Theology and a former Undergraduate Advisor, offers a stirring meditation on yesterday’s reading in the video below.

Mr. Sloan’s meditation is filled with questions, but they convey wonder rather than simply a desire for information. In what ways is love filled with reason but also filled with things that go beyond human reason? Mr. Sloan mentions God as a Trinity, which means that in some way, filled with reason but beyond human reason, God is three persons but also a unified relationship. How can wonder inspired by thinking about God this way enable people to bring about positive effects in human relationships, like friendships, romantic relationships, families, and even larger societies?

Photo: “The-Father-Son-Relationship” by Damien Thorne in licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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  1. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    Love is so hard to explain and talk about. It’s the thing that everyone searches for, lives off of, and aspires to be in life and yet it has no definition. I’m gonna be honest, love is one of those things that causes me to not sleep at night because it’s so unexplainable–yup, it’s worse than existential crises.

    This reminds me of a reading I had to do in my senior year: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver. In this reading, Carver addresses the complexities of love much like Mr. Neil Sloan in this video. In the end, love is still seen as so complex and ambiguous to understand. It leaves readers, especially me, to accept love as whatever it is and learn to let love teach me, not me searching for what love is. Having that open mind to something as extremely incomprehensible as love is good actually. We accept that we don’t know and yet are open to learning more about it as we live. Hmmm…I think I can sleep now.

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