A Shared Thirst

Nietzsche set himself against Christianity as perhaps only someone who is both a philosophical genius and a preacher’s kid gone rogue could possibly do. However, even though I am a Christian, I can’t help but love him. Nietzsche can become (through those interesting powers of the written word that we discussed earlier) a help to anyone who places a higher priority on saying yes to life than on simply being comfortable. Whether I end up agreeing or disagreeing with him, I must admit that he’s good at hitting us where we are comfortable and making us think harder about it. Where in today’s reading by Nietzsche (CUA Primer, 38–39) do you find Nietzsche making powerfully insightful observations about human beings? Where, if anywhere, do you think that Nietzsche hasn’t quite got things right about the nature of love?

Photo: “Throne” by Lara Eakins is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 and was taken at the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Austin, Texas at SXSW 2014.

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  1. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    Ahhh, the friend zone. The place everyone hates to be in when they like someone. But, Nietzsche actually highlights the benefits of friendship compared with love in this reading, and I love that.

    He sees most romances as a possessive relationship, one in which someone completely controls the other and keeps them to themselves. That is not love…like at all! Nietzsche argues that love is not a possession driven by a thirst for sex or control. It is a shared, mutal, and common thirst for something beyond themselves. That is what friendship is and that is what love should be built upon.

    So is the friend zone really that bad or is it better, maybe even necessary, for a long-lasting romantic relationship? Yup, the friend zone’s pretty awesome. Own it.

  2. Diego Amaya says:

    I always wondered what people mean when they say love at first sight, how could you love someone without getting to know them first. I agree that to love someone you need to build a friendship with them and truly get to know who they are.

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