A Joy Ever New

In the crowded subway train at evening rush hour, the loud voice Metro train operator in Washington, DC, was trying to announce positive thoughts, distorted through the loudspeaker set too high, wishing us riders such things as peace, joy, and happiness, but as he kept talking and talking, I felt my joy draining away even as he told us not to let anything steal our joy. Pope Francis does a much better job discussing joy in “A Joy Ever New”  (CUA Primer, pages 7–9), so much better that I think it might have made me smile even if I had been reading it without a seat during that subway ride. How does Pope Francis describe the way that God’s powerful love can bring deep joy inside during both good times and bad?

Photo: “Field of Greens” (#17) by Ed Pfueller, featured in an article about a community garden at CUA in the Summer 2013 issue of The Catholic University of America Magazine.

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  1. Cara Dimarcantonio says:

    Pope Francis calls upon us to look beyond ourselves and set our sights to God. We need to trust in Him and look to Him as a beacon of hope each day. This act of humility uplifts us and brings our hearts closer to God’s love. It is easy for us to celebrate the joy that Easter brings when we’re “in the mood.” It is in our moments of darkness that we need not despair but focus on the love being revealed to us time and again as the key to our lasting peace and authentic happiness. Pope Francis tells us to keep our hearts always open to God and we will begin to notice the ways he tells us he loves us each and every day. It could be a gentle breeze to cool us on a hot summer day or the witnessing the graces of fervent prayer coming through in a person or situation. God will never grow tired of reaching out to us, we just need to keep letting Him in.

  2. Jaesen Evangelista says:

    Joy isn’t really something that you can turn to and just say to it, “Hey, I need you. Come ‘ere.” The way Pope Francis describes joy is something that we are drawn to in the end but also something that is always with us. I like to refer to Genesis when thinking of joy as an innate gift. If God is love and he is good, then we are also love and we are also good. He embodies joy and happiness and so do we because are all made in the image of God. Similarly, as with all things, we are drawn to God, who is joy. We long for joy in our lives and we long for fulfillment. We look for the things that we think will make us happy, such as a well-paying job, a car, or even doing community service to find that joy in our lives. Therefore, it makes sense that joy can be found everywhere, good and bad, because it is the very being of our lives and the very end.

  3. Jessica McCarthy says:

    Pope Francis describes the way that God’s powerful love can bring deep joy inside during both good times and bad, by God bringing Jesus Christ into the world to be our savior. In good times, Jesus gave all the glory to God and his mission in life was to spread the good news to the people. God’s powerful love brings faith, hope and an unconditional love. This powerful love is built on a personal connection with yourself and God that will last in this life and in eternal life. In bad time Jesus gave all the glory to God. Pope Francis describes how powerful God love is by showing that even in the darkest moments and bad times God is there with you. You might not see God’s plan right away but God is working through you in both good times and bad times.

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